Change of Hotel

Blue eyes

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Aug 7, 2013
Help......Im going to Florida with my family and my Brother in law and his family. We have booked with a company that books flights and accommodation separately. Recently the review was of the accommodation have been terrible with everyone saying it's filthy dirty and they have security issues. I've contacted the agent ti request a change of accommodation statimg the reasons why we want to move. They've come back too me and said that u can change hotel but they want a massive extra payment to do this. I've explained that this out ofmy pprice range and asked for a breakdown of how much the hotel has cost so I can compare. They have told me they can't supply that as it's part of a package. It's not as everything is booked separately. I've then asked for my money back on the accommodation stating that their website does nit describe the hotel as dirty so they have mis sold it too me. They gave basically said pay up the premium to move or lump it . I can't afford the £500/$750 they want to change hotel. Is there anything I can do as it's a once in lifetime holiday that looks like I tags going to ve ruined