Charge Back


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May 23, 2011
I made 3 instalments deposit by visa debit card to a supplier. The last instalment was due on 2nd April 2011. As I called the supplier to make the final payment and to arrange delivery of items, I was informed the company had gone into administration begining 3 days earlier. The Administrators advised me to contact my bank to request for “charge back” of my deposit within 120days. Not certain about the meaning of all this, I visited the shop to get a clearer picture. The shop was still trading with most items marked down in prices and displaying a banner “Closing Down”. I observed the items I ordered were in stock. I offered to pay for the last instalment due but the store manager asked me to contact my bank for a charge back of deposit paid and wrote to me to that effect. However an officer of the bank told me on phone the bank could not offer a charge back because payment was legitimate and not fraudulent. My bank is Santander. What options are available to me.