Holiday accommodation with no window


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Mar 13, 2013
We booked a Chalet with a uk company and one of our party was given a room with no window. In addition the room doubled as a plumbing corridor with no sound insulation. The occupant was kept awake all night, due to toilets flushing etc. The operator says he gave us a 'health warning' verbally and directed us to his web site. No verbal warning was given at all. The web site says there is a room with no window but we never knew which room we were allocated. We have paid on a credit card. does anyone no if we can demand a refund? French law set out below. HELP!

" legislative requirements for decent housing accommodation in France, which are set out under Decree No. 2002-120 of 30 January 2002 on the characteristics of decent housing for the application of Article 187 of Law No. 2000-1208 of 13 December 2000 on solidarity and urban renewal. The three relevant clauses are:

4. Networks and connections of gas and electricity and heating equipment and hot water are consistent with the safety standards set by the laws and regulations and are in good condition and operation;

5. Opening devices and residential ventilation allow air exchange tailored to the needs of a normal occupation of housing and equipment operation;

6. The main rooms within the meaning of the third paragraph of Article R. 111-1 of the construction and housing, have a sufficient natural lighting and an opening leading to the open air or on a volume of glass overlooking the open air.

Decree No. 2002-120 of 30 January 2002 concerning the features of decent housing, implementing Section 187 of the Urban Solidarity and Renewal Act, No. 2000-1208 of 13 December 2000, also states:

c) The right to housing fit for human habitation

The Public Health Code reads:

“Article L.1331-22: Cellars, basements, attics, rooms with no outside window and other premises inherently unfit for human habitation may be not be made available for habitation, either free of charge or in return for money.”