Holiday being plugged with deliberate incorrect info - long and complicated


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Sep 17, 2014
West Mids
I regularly use hukd, think it's a fantastic website for making savings. I booked a holiday posted by a user regularly posting holiday posts. It was advertised as having 1 free suitcase with the booking, when we got to the airport we were told this wasn't so, we had to pay £50 each for the case as were left £100 out of pocket.

I messaged the user twice to ask for an explanation and she ignored me.

I then noticed a pattern with her holiday post, regularly misdescribing holidays to 'big them up'. Ie a 3 star holiday listed as a 4 star.

I dug a little deeper and found she has her own holiday website promoting this holidays and that she is affiliated with holiday pirates and travel republic.

I contacted hukd about this as she's in breech of their rules and is profiting form her posts and they basically mocked me.

Would I have a case with abta against her? Is there a way I can get my £100 back and can she be stopped from ripping off the general public?

Any advice welcomed.