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Apr 22, 2013
hi I would like to know the law on making a holiday complaint if I was not the lead name in a group booking of a terrible holiday we have been on with Thomas cook, 12 of us booked to go to Egypt last year and the dream holiday iv been dying to go on quickly turned into the whole groups biggest regret, beginning with no English kids club but a Russian kids club and a german kids club, which the lead name when booking this specified the kids club was the most important part of the holiday as she had 2 small children, the choice at first was Sinbad club aqua in hurghada Egypt or goa, after speaking to the agent about which of the two was the best for entertaining kids she advised Sinbad as it had fun for everyone and one of the specially selected hotels picked as the sun splash part of the airtours wintersun brochure which had the airtours kids club too, Sinbad was booked and although it was a late deals booking because it was less than 14 weeks before leaving all was paid and Appeared well, then after the 2nd night 2 familys were disturbed and kept awake for most of the night due to a loud scratching noise which at first they thought was one of us in the adjoining rooms, after questioning this and learning it was not anyone of us the reception was called and the rep, after investigating where this noise was coming from it was soon learnt we had rats in the air conditioning pipes scurrying through and two rooms were moved instantly, anyway to cut a long story short things went from bad to worst from then onwards and we had the worst holiday ever imagined, we were treat with little or no respect, shouted at, sent here there n everywhere for ice creams or drinks only to retrieve what we,d first asked in the first bar, I could go on forever but time is running out and I want a little advice, customer relations forms were filled in in resort the rep was quick on moving the first two familys then was totally useless and twice more or less called us liars, the rats were still in the new rooms which was pretty obvious as they had leading air con all way round. our rooms may I add began 2 doors away from kitchens and dining area, I was not the lead name but signed one of the customer relations forms and wrote 3 more pages too and got them all signed in resort by the rep, upon return home to England we.d been home 5 days and got two letters under two booking refs which we did have as 3 booked later that day, anyway the letters were same and between them both there was an offer of £800 in vouchers as an apology in the hope we travel again with Thomas cook, less than £60 per person for an all inclusive £549. per person dream holiday or so we thought, anyway, we declined and have been persuing this ever since, I have done all the contact but was not the lead name however my name signed in resort, and with Thomas cook refusing to budge after almost 12 months of trying we went to small claims, I claimed on behalf of us all and got signatures from all the group, anyway we have a hearing on 3rd may, now Thomas cook have denied all allegations which they cannot win on that count because rats is mentioned by Thomas cook in letters, they also come up with we booked with airtours, however on return there letter said the vouchers were to apologise for rats on holiday in hope we,ll travel again with Thomas cook, (meaning we,d previous travelled with Thomas cook) the main issue Thomas cook are stating is I was not the lead name, I have disputed that lead names were not important when Thomas cook sent out letters offering vouchers to two of the group neither one of them were lead names and the lead name never got any letter, but statements have gone in with evidence photos and now the lead name has written a witness statement and is coming to court but I want to be prepared for the law and lead name rights, anyone have any help for me please