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Apr 14, 2015
After many years of being a carer i felt i was ready to join the dating scene again and joined Match .com for the so called free trial.My experience has been horrendous this site is ready to take your money but not deal with many sexual predators who are allowed to be sexually explicit to new members without any monitoring whatsoever .I decided to just block these thugs who prey on the lonely and vulnarable and decided this site was not for me.Stupidly I did not realise I had read the very small print so imagine my suprise to find out that half of my carers allowance had disappeared leaving me overdrawn and not able to pay my bills! I tried for 4 days to contact this site but only got standard replies informing me that i could not get my money back? I asked for my profile to be removed to no avail? I rang my bank who gave me a number to contact them and reported the inappropiate behavoir of some members and was told this would be investigated and i certainly would not be getting my 29.99 back and no it was not company policy to ring back any members regardless of their complaints.So i demanded my profile removed and asked why i was paying for a service that was not monitored correctly and left vulnarable lonely people to abuse and why would nobody at would call me back when i was clearly distressed and the supervisor at customer service just hung up on me?What can I do about his ? Any help out there ?