PPI - Request for information declined


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Mar 6, 2012
Hi all

I have already had a successful claim against Halifax - Just under £3K. I used the Martin Lewis website and followed the step by step guide on there.

My query is related to PPI. I was advised to make a request for information on all credit agreements for Barclays as I no longer had the credit agreement information. This has been declined by barclays as although they still hold information about me, the credit agreements have all been fully paid. They are stating that there is no requirement for them to release that information. I quoted the credit consumer act of 1974 sections 77 to 79, but looking at that more closely that part of the act seems to relate to current credit agreements. Anyone got any idea on next steps? x

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Sep 8, 2008
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Send them a Subject Access Request, this requires them to send all information they hold about you on file, I think it costs £10 but it's a while since I've done one. You should find a sample letter on Martin Lewis' site and info on the cost and process, they can't refuse this under the data protection act.