Travel Insurance and Swine Flu


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Sep 19, 2008
Dear All
I just wanted to post this for info for anyone who might have experienced the same worry as I did (it is resolved now though).

Ok, am hoping this helps all of those who have specific fears about the 'refusal to fly' exclusion in their insurance policies. My policy (Club Direct who are underwritten by PTI) have a general exclusion which states that

'any claim which arises directly or indirectly from not being allowed to board a flight, train, sea vessel, coach or bus, for any reason whatsoever; WILL NOT BE COVERED.

Obviously this scared the life out of me as some airlines are threatening to refuse to fly people who they think have swine flu. I have spoken with the Association of British Insurers who have told me the following:

The Club Direct policy is underwritten by 'Professional Travel Insurance' (PTI) - an ABI member based in Gibraltar.

We have spoken to PTI who have confirmed that the company will be handling claims in line with the ABI press release on swine flu. So if a traveller is turned away by the airline and diagnosed by a medically qualified person, the claim will be treated as a cancellation on medical grounds as per normal.

We have passed your details to PTI so that they can reassure you directly.

I have also spoken directly with Club Direct and am awaiting a written confirmation. They state that you must follow this protocol in order to be covered:

1. If the airline refuses to fly you, you MUST get referred to their onsite GP and MUST get a diagnosis.
2. You must then contact the National Flu Pandemic hotline number and get a reference number. You WILL then be covered under the cancellation part of your insuranc as long as you provide this reference number.

If the onsite GP will not give you a diagnosis, then the airline essentially has to have a rethink and has to assist you with your travel plans. I would strongly recomend that everyone that has this exclusion in their policy gets a similar written statement from their insurer and carries the national flu pandemic hotline number with them to the airport. (0800 1513 513)

I personally would also contact the association of British Insurers for similar reassurance if you are insured with someone other than Club Direct and have this same exclusion on your policy.

Hope that helps some of you


Sep 2, 2021
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