Consumer News

We are always on the lookout for stories that will be of interest to UK consumers. This might be some new legislation, new consumer campaigns or anything else that we feel will be of interest.

Find out about some great places in the web to find freebies, earn cash back and discover great offers. From free books to a free night out in a recording studio, we have it all.

Builders are a big source of consumer complaints and being overcharged is one of the reasons. It is far more common than people realise. This short guide provides some practical advice to ensure you get the best price for the job and a reputable builder.

Undercover researchers have discovered that bra fitting services on the high street store are not good enough and improvements are needed. If shops are going to offer this service, they should offer a good one!

Find out about the Which? campaign to tackle hospital car parking charges.

Most Scots believe that their legal system is too complicated and should be made much simpler. Which? is campaigning to help them. Find out more about their campaign.

Banks Letting Consumers Down thumbnail

In a shocking revelation undercover consumer champions have discovered that only a small percentage of banks and building societies were able to offer sound advice for a customer wanting to invest a lump sum.

Flowers, chocolates... why not try something new this year and take your mum to a top restaurant for a mother's day treat.

E.on is cutting its utility prices, but don't act too soon they will be followed by the other energy companies.

The big DIY chains may be the place to go to get a bargain for the garden, but if you want the best advice you NEED to go to an independent garden centre.

50% of tools hired from tool hire companies have failed safety tests conduction by undercover investigators. Find out more about these shocking revelations involving all the big tool hire companies.