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  27. 1 month old mondeo
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  29. USED CAR PROBLEM arnoldclark
  30. USED CAR PROBLEM arnoldclark
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  34. various faults with second hand car
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  36. Advertised as having ABS - does not
  37. Cars have certainly improved!
  38. Chip fat turned into diesel
  39. consumer credit
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  41. 26 hours in the dealership and two faulty cars
  42. Faulty Freelander
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  44. errrr help needed :(
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  47. Ding in car
  48. Box Junction
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  51. Another 2nd Hand Car Dealer
  52. Help, bought second hand car from dealer...
  53. Tax Disc and Postal Strike
  54. Cash for Bangers Scheme
  55. Bought a car under private sale with warranty
  56. Where do I stand legally?
  57. second hand car rights
  58. Recently bought an N Reg VW- should i take back to the dealer?
  59. what should i do?
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  62. Candlemine Shute Ltd Fined
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  68. second hand car
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  71. Problems obtaining a remedy for a faulty second hand car!
  72. arnold clark ford fiesta
  73. Someone's taken my door!
  74. after 5 months over 1000 repairs needed
  75. Mini cooper s Window fault...
  76. clio lasted 2wks from private seller - help!
  77. Hi, i'm new and at my wits end........advice please
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  79. Getting car deposit back
  80. What qualifies under Sale of Goods Act?
  81. Problem with 04 Mondeo what are my options?
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  83. Need help?
  84. 'lost' locking wheel nut key
  85. My doorless car
  86. rear screen
  87. Advice needed
  88. Car Shop Northampton
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  90. faulty second hand car advice required
  91. Various issues with dealership inc. being overcharged for car and fault after 6 days!
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  93. OK it doesnt get any more complicated!!! _ HELP PLEASE!!!
  94. Where to Start
  95. any advice greatfully recieved
  96. Bailiffs, box junction and a balls up.
  97. chiped windscreen on new second hand car
  98. If a car passes its MOT ...
  99. Do I have grounds to reject car ?
  100. Car Fines
  101. Dodgy Alfa Romeo
  102. car not fit for purpose advice needed
  103. SH car from dealer - faulty in first week(urgent)
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  105. car insurance with
  106. Still not taken delivery of car after 6 weeks
  107. car bought at auction
  108. car from dealer
  109. Developed a leak!
  110. Ford Direct car not as described. Where do I stand?
  111. Dealer agreed repair - can I claim expenses?
  112. Catastrophic engine failure after 12 hrs
  113. Private Seller - Now I have a problem
  114. Help please!!
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  116. bmw 3 series
  117. Help please
  118. Car older than described and older than number plate
  119. Returning a used car and refusing repairs - possible?
  120. Bought Car, rejected 25 mins later under SOGA
  121. If I win the court what will happend to the dodgy car dealer ?
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  123. Had my car 12 weeks, warranty missold, 2120 repair bill
  124. Refund on a Deposit of a Used Car
  125. Carcraft !
  126. Has anybody used
  127. Second Hand Car brought from a private seller - what are my rights?
  128. 2nd hand car - had 9 months - Needs New Engine - What are my rights?
  129. Mazda develops fault still under warantee
  130. Faulty secondhand Street KA
  131. Advice needed
  132. Bought bike, went 3 miles on it and it`s broken??
  133. Dealer dragging heels
  134. Retrospective claims...are they weaker?
  135. headgasket gone
  136. purchased second hand car with multiple problems
  137. Purchased second hand car
  138. second hand car broken down 1 month in
  139. Car brokedown 20 mins from forecourt. Can I ask for my money back?
  140. Deposit paid, dealer now stalling on getting horn fixed.
  141. Private seller being sued, Help
  142. sold cat b car
  143. Bought Second Hand car-not road worthy where do i stand?
  144. Incorrect Mileage given for car on finance
  145. dodgy dealer?
  146. HELP! Have I got a leg to stand on with car dealership?
  147. Problems with buyer
  148. car auction help!!! outstanding finance
  149. HELP car sold as GT when not a GT
  150. Have i got any rights on this?
  151. second hand car bought 4 weeks ago
  152. 2nd hand honda car
  153. year old car has been in an accident - undisclosed
  154. Mixing it up with Car Finance!
  155. 6 week old Audi A6
  156. Faulty paintwork repair! Who's responsibility?
  157. How much time/effort should I put into allowing a dealer to make a repair?
  158. leakingconvertible roof
  159. Car Finance
  160. Hi please help
  161. Advice pls Major Dealer problems
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  163. 4 year old mini with a leak
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  165. Help !! Car deal not as agreed
  166. Car failure after 8 days.
  167. Power steering failure on motorway, twice.
  168. Second hand car dealer problem
  169. sold my car now his want money back , help
  170. Garage asking for car back after deal done?
  171. Can they really do this?
  172. deposit but no contract signed
  173. Dealer witheld info, major damage to electrics-wont refund me
  174. help!!!
  175. secondhand car - help!
  176. VW Golf 2005
  177. Garage gone, credit card company won't help!
  178. Wrong wheels on 107
  179. vw second hand car unfair trading
  180. Problems with new car
  181. wheel come off 23 hours after purchase!!!
  182. sold a motorbike now purchaser wants a refund
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  184. When is it fair to expect a refund for a faulty used car from a reputable dealer?
  185. Car back within 24 hrs !.. gutted
  186. nightmare 24 hrs after buying used me
  187. Pug 206 needs a new Cambelt (Not yet purchased car)
  188. Second hand car problems - advice please
  189. Any advice welcome..
  190. 2nd hand car private purchase- problem.
  191. Uncaring After Sales
  192. Small Claim - Have i won by Default?
  193. Car bought from dealer 7 months old - problems HELP!
  194. 2nd hand car private purchase issue
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  196. car has faults
  197. purchased a car with finance owing innocently
  198. 2nd hand car from Arnold Clark
  199. Stoneacre "Lifetime Guarantee"
  200. Constant Problems with Insignia
  201. 6 month old car had door skins fitted, two years later badly rusted
  202. Second Hand Citroen
  203. Care dealership problems please help....
  204. Newly bought 2nd hand campervan with faulty brakes caused an accident. Help!
  205. Bought a 53 plate corsa and within 10 minutes it broke! help!
  206. Bought 2nd hand car now going through small claims court
  207. Second Hand Car - One Set of Keys
  208. Nightmare with Dean Street Motors
  209. Exchanged cars with private seller and want refund (swap again)
  210. Sold horsebox - took 10% deposit - buyer changed his mind and wants his deposit back?
  211. second hand cars
  212. What rights do I have after buying a second hand car?
  213. Dealer taking no responsibility for fault
  214. Deposit refund
  215. Dealer reneged on warranty
  216. clutch gone on new car??????????
  217. one wreck of a second hand car :(
  218. Should the garage have told me the car was a parallel import
  219. private seller seeking advice
  220. Fit for purpose
  221. Dealer trying to alter deal after deposit
  222. No Tax Disc supplied
  223. Advice please: Car bought 3 mths ago has developed expensive problem - what to do now
  224. Bought my car almost 2 years ago from a private seller, just got repossessed
  225. Manufacturers Warranty
  226. used car gearbox woes,sale of goods act advise
  227. Warranty - HELP!!!
  228. Just bought a car,now it needs a service!!
  229. Secondhand car. Please help
  230. What rights do I have
  231. Used car
  232. Over 2 months and still not back yet...
  233. SecondHand Car Deal
  234. Please help!! 8 1/2 months pregnant and MAJOR probs with CAR :(
  235. help re second hand van
  236. Second hand car from dealer fault
  237. faulty car from car giant
  238. Bought vauxhall zafira lite second hand
  239. SOLD a 4 x 4 now buyer harassing
  240. Leaking roof 2 weeks after purchase!! - Right to reject??
  241. Covering expenses!!
  242. Second hand car main dealer warranty
  243. Not as described
  244. Rover 25 purchased in december
  245. Bought a car last month, help needed!
  246. Second hand car rights?
  247. I need help.
  248. seller not taking his responsibility?! please help us
  249. deposited and its been 2 weeks full of excuses
  250. 2nd hand car issues - help needed please :(