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  1. Help please damaged goods
  2. Returning goods
  3. charged for items I have never received
  4. Statutory Rights
  5. Doorstep Selling Query
  6. New user guide to Scots Law from Consumer Focus Scotland
  7. Sale By Description
  8. Statutory Rights
  9. Goods signed for but faulty (4bathrooms)
  10. not sure where to put this sorry x
  11. Website Error - 15% off everything - My rights??
  12. internet selling advertising 7 day rule?
  13. PC Not Working
  14. More Than One Defendant
  15. A0 frames faulty & damaged from
  16. Wrong Goods Delivered - Refund Question?
  17. sale item query
  18. being chased up
  19. Owner/Seller or does it matter?
  20. New Camera damaged at repairers what are my rights
  21. What are my rights if they can't repair or replace?
  22. Return postage costage rights
  23. carpet pile reversal
  24. I need some advice, returned goods
  25. Can i do anything?
  26. shifting goalposts on online transactions
  27. Goods not received from seller
  28. Unwanted Advertising
  29. which liabilities apply to my case?
  30. Breach of Contract or Not?!
  31. Damaged Gas oven
  32. Undisclosed broker commissions
  33. How long should a Boiler last.
  34. I Bought a cooker with missing parts.
  35. Trying to cancel Gym Membership
  36. Car taken by deception
  37. PWH Motors Ltd t/a
  38. Mobile Home False invoice - Help!
  39. car credit agreement
  40. Spa cancelled booking - please advise?
  41. Telecoms World PLC - help!
  42. cancellation rights
  43. First Response Finance
  44. None collected goods
  45. Clarification of DSR - help welcomed
  46. Charity shop refunds
  47. Name and Address for Faulty Returns
  48. Private sale gone wrong
  49. Misrepresentation?
  50. Sony Repair!
  51. BT increase of Line Rental without notice?
  52. dodgy bike , private sale
  53. Tesco Visa Chargeback
  54. Laptop's motherboard has blown after only 7 months, and no longer under warranty
  55. towels rails rusting after 2 1/2 years
  56. Faulty microwave
  57. TJ Hughes illegal terms and conditions of sale
  58. Nintendo hinges
  59. Am I entiteled to a full refund?
  60. Orange PAYG phone
  61. Can i get my money back? (clothing)
  62. Being overpaid
  63. Dilemma with requesting Mastercard chargeback
  64. Faulty laptop, original brand in new ownership - no refund?
  65. Damaged Display Case - help!
  66. What are my rights?
  67. 'free items' and my rights
  68. 90 Day RTB "Warranty"
  69. Query on Sale of Goods Act
  70. Sale of Goods Act query
  71. tooth whitener caused my mouth pain
  72. Can I get a refund? (Sale of Goods Act)
  73. Consumer Rights-Paid for goods, comet won't supply
  74. indian stone
  75. 1974 Credit Act s78(1)-Advice Needed
  76. New car warranty
  77. Under warranty BUT: "been discontinued and therefore no replacement"
  78. Mail order 25% restocking fee < 7days
  79. Uncollected goods
  80. Faulty Webbook and Carphone Warehouse Customer Services
  81. Broken phone after 2 weeks
  82. fridge freezer broken after 28 months
  83. Laptop been repaired 3 times...
  84. Mis sold an LCD by buy as you view!!
  85. question about annual subscription renewal
  86. Is there a time limit on how long a deposit will be held for?
  87. section 49?
  88. supplier won't take item back
  89. Argos Policy about 30 days
  90. mobile phone insurance
  91. credit card holding misadvertised car deposit
  92. Handy link - BBC's Five consumer laws you really ought to know
  93. New Car Purchase Problems
  94. Comparison of consumer laws
  95. goods as goodwill gesture where do i stand?
  96. Hotpoint oven broken just outside 1yr warranty
  97. 7 day cooling off period - return postage question
  98. Faulty printer help please!
  99. i unknowingly was sold a 2 Pin Plug Electronic device
  100. Return of Faulty item without accessories & packaging
  101. LOOK bicycle frame
  102. refund or repair
  103. New Car not fit for purpose
  104. Does consumer law apply here?
  105. Warranties and 'handling' fees
  106. Faulty Dehumidifier
  107. Rbs Invoice finance and subcontractor
  108. Duncton No1 - Punitive Damages
  109. Refunds - SOG Act - v - Fraud Prevention?
  110. Car engine blew up day after I brought it
  111. Faulty goods not safe to use.
  112. Help! Hotel Cancellation Charges...
  113. Distance Selling rules and Restocking fees
  114. Sale of goods act
  115. Faulty Printer -Already repaired once
  116. Faulty Car
  117. consumer credit act 1974
  118. IKEA mis-priced kitchen - really need some urgent advice
  119. Consumer Sales Law - underpriced item
  120. faulty laptop HP dont want to know
  121. contract with bt vision
  122. Out of Warranty.. my rights?
  123. Sale Of Goods act regarding insurance claims
  124. Uacceptable christmas gift, please help.
  125. Faulty ebay purchase
  126. DSR law on matrimonial online service
  127. s75 Consumer Credit Act & PS3
  128. Compensation for personal data accidently deleted by ISP
  129. advice please
  130. Paid for goods but didnt get served
  131. Voluntary Termination Saga...Please Help!!
  132. Avon unfair sales to reps
  133. Faulty items from ebay international seller
  134. Delivered goods not match their description or quantity
  135. Which Act or Reg covers Train4TradeSkills?
  136. Two Garage and AA Triangle - bit of a mess!
  137. Refund from a Charity Shop
  138. faulty second hand car
  139. unusual question
  140. Capital One Penalty Charges
  141. Internet Retailer Refusing Refund
  142. HP Computer
  143. Builders Contract
  144. Builders Contract
  145. Distance Selling Regulations - who pays for returned goods?
  146. Wii updated by Nintendo over Wiinternet and now will not work :/
  147. Credit agreements
  148. Loss of goods by repairer
  149. bad tiling
  150. Dodgy TV - Warranty repair not being done
  151. Advice needed re car accident
  152. Broken TV, offering small refund.
  153. item listed as 0.00
  154. written off bike
  155. Wrong size shower tray....
  156. Can a shop demand your private details?
  157. Faulty pressure washer
  158. DHL wont pay compensation they promised
  159. rejection of new car
  160. Boiler Miss-sold
  161. faulty latop within 28days
  162. Bailiff/Debt Co/Auction House Assault, Theft, Fraud
  163. Can a shop demand your details? Another Q
  164. mispriced item....I know, I know..
  165. Legal definition of a Consumer
  166. 2nd Hand fishing boat
  167. 2nd hand car, with faulty sensor valves
  168. My opinion vs Shopkeeper on faulty item
  169. Can I Sue For Loss Of Earnings?
  170. Deposit
  171. Debt collection agencies
  172. concrete
  173. Motor car Right to terminate credit agreement
  174. house dilmea
  175. storage contract help please
  176. Unenforcable Credit card contracts?
  177. new sofa broken twice where do i stand on a replacement?
  178. Faulty HP Laptop
  179. What are the laws pertaining to pre-orders?
  180. recover money from a company for a breach of contract?
  181. wind farms
  182. Religious slaughtered meats
  183. What will happen to my cheque?
  184. used car holes in sill but 12mth MOT
  185. vehicle hire contract terms
  186. Repossession of car still on finance
  187. Ufindus 118local Thompson colding calling me everyday
  188. What are my rights?
  189. Returning faulty goods plus batteries
  190. Cancelling a gym membership that's yet to start
  191. Vauxhall Signum faulty heater design
  192. Faulty goods I need to return but no reciept and cash purchase!
  193. Replaced product failure would sony now be the retailer in regards to sale of goods a
  194. What do i do?
  195. In a bit of trouble
  196. Motorhome - fit for purpose?
  197. Hidden Charges
  198. What are my rights in terms of retuting goods?
  199. What are my rights regarding a damaged, brand new sofa?
  200. Very's responsibility or manufacturer?
  201. Wakeboard tower faulty during 5 year guarantee and seller refusing to help!
  202. ebay refund minus postage costs
  203. Does there have to be proof of fault ?
  204. Can I get a deposit back?
  205. selling privatly
  206. catch 22 for my curtains
  207. Bought a faulty car from a car dealer
  208. Please Help!!
  209. Dishwasher faulty - any rights?
  210. British Telecom Cheque
  211. Waiting for Manufacturer Returns on Faulty Goods
  212. What is my rights after booking a online flight
  213. Item listed as 0.00 on website - T&C met
  214. Automatic Renewals - Your rights
  215. court summons for delivery charge
  216. Am I covered by the DSR?
  217. Warranty question
  218. Sale of goods act, please help
  219. Faulty Vehicle - What are my rights?
  220. plants bought online from large established company
  221. Faulty Hard Disc Camcorder
  222. repair damage causes by a fault with the product?
  223. Faulty goods 4 days outside 30-day limit
  224. Car Repairs.
  225. What are my rights?
  226. Shower fitting not fit for purpose - what are our rights?
  227. faulty toaster
  228. damanged bed
  229. Defending a Small Claims action as a Limited Company
  230. Consumer Right re Itemised bill?
  231. Warranty Issue
  232. wedding dress help please
  233. Advice please regarding refund!!
  234. Obligation to Sell??
  235. reclaiming excess from insurer
  236. conned
  237. Builders and quote
  238. Goods faulty - 1 month out of warranty
  239. What are classed as 'reasonable' admin fees - cancel within 14 day cooling off period
  240. Request for Credit Card agreement - what are the facts
  241. have court owner against firm, and they won't pay. Next step?
  242. Help!!! Please, Can they do this?
  243. Help please
  244. New shoes
  245. Home Website Builder - legal rights for me.
  246. VAT on refunds
  247. Company saying warranty on faulty item is not valid?
  248. New mattress gone faulty, ebay seller refuse to help!
  249. Used Mobility scooter
  250. sales of puppys